Koch Richard: faith in progress

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Recover your faith in progress. Realize that the future is already here: in those few shining examples, in agribusiness, in industry, in services, in education, in artificial intelligence, in medical science, and even in social and political experiments where previously unimaginable targets hve been surpassed and new targets continue to fall like skittles. Remember the 80/20 Principle. Progress always comes from a small minority of people and organized resources who demonstrate that previously accepted ceilings of performance can become floors for everyone.

Koch, Richard. The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less. Reprint edition. New York: Crown Business, 1999.

Osare: il progresso si ottiene solo così.
Oser: le progrès est à ce prix.
V. Hugo, Les misérables

We should be teaching our children the basic up-to-date, fact-based framework—life on the four levels and in the four regions—and training them to use Factfulness rules of thumb—the bullet points from the end of each chapter. This would enable them to put the news from around the world in context and spot when the media, activists, or salespeople are triggering their dramatic instincts with overdramatic stories. These skills are part of the critical thinking that is already taught in many schools. They would protect the next generation from a lot of ignorance.
H. Rosling, Factfulness

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